Help mobile filtering systems against Corona?

According to recommendations of the Indoor Air Hygiene Commission at the Federal Environment Agency reduced proper ventilation the risk of SARS CoV-2 infection.

The federal government and the countries agree: Schools should not be closed if possible.

Therefore, many schools implement the recommendation of the Federal Environment Agency and air the classrooms every 20 minutes. And some places could help remedy technique.

Autumn is there and winter certainly comes. Ventilations can therefore become annoying and cause colds. Besides, not all rooms can be well ventilated.

Mobile filtering systems are able to roll a lot of air in no time.

martin wesselmann from the Federal Environment Agency's Interior Hygiene Commission, in an ARD reportage, examines three air purifiers and proves that the particles in the air decrease significantly after the devices have been commissioned.

The only one so far scientific analysis the air cleaner has Prof. Dr. Christian J. Kähler conducted in the laboratory of the Bundeswehr University in Munich.

However, a professional high-performance filter tested.

In the study, it was proved that the aerosol concentration with an air cleaner very quickly reduced become.

The equipment must be very much air in no time to be re-rolled. This is only possible with professional high-performance equipment.

GoClean.Shop has gotten along with Manufacturers from industrial filtration technology Together and brings air cleaners to market, which can be used in small and large rooms.

No matter if Rooms, halls or halls, sales rooms or waiting rooms — the scope of application is diverse.

The starter model is the professional air purifier CV-X-80.

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Thanks to the unique five-step filtration viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores, germs and other harmful particles are safely filtered.

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1. G4 prefilter in the intake area
for particles > 10 my (e.g. pollen, spores, fluxes, hair, insects, etc.)

2. F7 fine filter as cassette filter
for particles > 1 -10 my (e.g. smoke, bacteria, many germs, etc.)

3. H-14 high-performance filter as cassette filter
for particles >0,01 my + deposition of ≥ 99,995 % (including viruses, germs)

4. Activated carbon filters
for the reduction of odorants and for particles >0,1 my

5. Afterfilter as a safety filter stage
ensures the basic function and optimises even air outlet

About one to DIN EN 1822 Tested HEPA filters with stage H-14 are safely deposited more than 99.995% of all particles.

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