The most compact professional air purifier in its class


With a Device size of just 490 x 490 x 1,570 mm (LxWxH) the X80 is the most compact mobile room fan in its class. It sucks in the contaminated air from below and blows it into the room, cleaned, calmed and flow-directed.

Through the 5-stage filtration With a coarse and pre-filter, a high-performance HEPA H-14 filter, the activated carbon module and a post-filter, the air is not only cleaned from over 99.995% of all viruses, bacteria, pollen, etc., but also odorous substances are reduced.

The X80 was designed for one Room size of approx. 80 m².

In order to distribute the air optimally, it can be through various Blow-out attachments more to the side or in front of the device. Also the execution with one Exhaust socket for blowing into an existing exhaust system is possible.

The device is delivered ready to plug in. Unpack, plug in, switch on -> safe and clean air.


The device is controlled via two modes:

in the Automatic mode the suction capacity of the device is regulated via the CO2 value in the room. If there are several people in the room, the CO2 value and the aerosol load increase at the same time. The device recognizes this and adjusts the performance of the device automatically up on. If the CO2 load drops and the aerosol load is again at a non-infectious level, the device sucks again with a lower air output.

In addition, the start and end of e.g. Working hours or lessons can be set. The device then automatically begins to clean the room beforehand so that there is clean air at the beginning. The basic service can also be adjusted at any time.

Of the manual mode is selected in the menu and started by switching on the device. The performance of the device is adapted to the size of the room. The pre-programmed 4 power levels can be selected directly. With the time control, the device can alternatively be started automatically and also switches off automatically at the end of work.

After every shutdown the device automatically goes into Filter cleaning mode about. The contaminated filter is heated to> 80 ° C for several minutes, whereby the viruses are "killed" (inactivated).


The mobile room air purifier X80 is available in two versions depending on the area of ​​application

  • Housing made powder-coated sheet steel in signal white (RAL 9003) or anthracite gray (RAL 7015)
  • Housing made shockproof and heat-resistant plastic (PMMA), high-gloss white (registered for the design award)

The devices can also personalized become - z. B. with logo or motto Of your company. When using the plastic housing, there is the option of a special design (color, etc.).


  • Safe and clean air through 5-stage filtration
  • Virus inactivation by heating
  • HEPA H-14 filter with 99.995% degree of separation and filter cleaning
  • Developed by Experts | of the industrial filtration technology
  • Up to 600 € funding possible
  • Safe and clean air for everyone in the room (students, employees, patients, etc.)
  • Quieter continuous operationb depending on the Aerosol exposure
  • Minimal footprint with 360 ° swivel castors for every surface
  • Selectable surface (Sheet steel / plastic with personalization)
  • Increase in Motivation of employees and everyone involved
  • Fewer sickness-related absences
  • Made in Germany