Clever disinfection with technology

Clean indoor air and clean surfaces have never been as important as they are today. Corona has noticeably changed our awareness of hygiene and cleanliness.

Disinfecting hands and surfaces has become part of everyday life. For good reason. Countless viruses and germs cavort in the air and up surfaces. This TU Berlin scenario shows how quickly aerosols can spread in a room:

Yes, which one Tools are used to Disinfect indoor air and surfaces?

Often they are Disinfectant wipesthat do not clean efficiently, leave rubbish behind and are misused.

That means high environmental pollution, personnel costs and personnel expenses.

But there is another way. The startup GoClean.Shop offers a high technology solution at which you can get large areas in just can disinfect in a few minutes.

GoClean.Shop was from the Siemac GmbH brought to life. The Swabian company has been selling industrial machines since 1998.

Now dares Siemac GmbH the step into the online world and offers over GoClean.Shop including the Cold fog disinfection devices of the DryFog brand.

Nebulization disinfection is an effective method of distributing disinfectant.

The principle of nebulization is that one Use dilution of disinfectants is mechanically transformed into a fine aerosol by means of pressure and suitable nozzles.

The Disinfection device DryFog is optionally available with two or four Nozzles.

The device mainly consists of:

  • Atomizer body complete with tank - tank capacity: 30 lt
  • 4 wheels for easy movement of the device. It is also equipped with a brake.
  • 2 or 4 nozzles to spray the solution into the affected areas
  • 1 hose nipple for a quick connection with compressed air
  • 1 door to easily refill the tank

Here you can see the device in action:

As a spray solution is often used Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which is considered effective and less dangerous than standard formaldehyde solutions.

Hydrogen peroxide disintegrates in the last phase of bio-decontamination residue-free to water and oxygen. It is a environmentally friendly, highly effective disinfection process which is the perfect solution for use in rooms or vehicles.

Another positive point is the high Compatibility with many materials and materials. The entire spectrum of biological agents (bacteria, viruses and fungi) is destroyed on dry, pre-cleaned, porous and non-porous surfaces, including sensitive electronics, using cold fog technology.

The Surfaces stay drywhich ensures that the documents in the room are not damaged.

Both versions of the Disinfection device DryFog are now over GoClean.Shop available.

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