Aerosol filters ensure virus-reduced air

With a professional aerosol filters can you verifiably remove viruses from rooms and ensure maximum clean room air. This is a specially designed one for people gathering in closed rooms important step towards normalcy. If you are dependent on a hygiene concept, you have found it here.

Depending on the room size and type of use, you will find in different air purifiers in our online shop. Below we present both models in more detail!

Study by the Bundeswehr Munich: Spatial filters dispel aerosols

Aerosols, small virus particles, are the main cause of infection of infectious diseases in closed rooms. A Study by the Bundeswehr Munich proves that these aerosols virtually no longer remain in the room when so-called HVAC systems are in operation.

RTL systems are air conditioning systems that ensure an optimal indoor climate and clean Air to care.

The study suggests that coronaviruses get through these indoor air filters too 99.95% are eliminated from the room air. We will introduce you to such systems!

Also apart from Corona brings in professional ventilation filter many advantages with himself:

  • Clean and safe air for you, your employees, your customers and your guests
  • Heightened Sense of security
  • Reduction of the risk of infection
  • Fresh air for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • Increase in work performance in clear air
  • Inexpensive alternative to ventilation

In our Shop do you think ...? Find high-tech devices for careful cleaning of the room air. Depending on the device, it is possible state subsidies to obtain. We would be happy to inform you about this on our website, where you can find more information about the systems.

Made in Germany air purifier with activated carbon

Virus-reduced air

The DIN-tested filter safely separates 99.95% of all particles. A special thermal technology inactivates dangerous viruses.

State funding

If you use this air purifier with activated carbon, you benefit from up to 40% government funding.

Halving the aerosol concentration

The aerosol concentration is verifiably minimized. The risk of infection via the air can be virtually ruled out.

360 ° swivel castors for every surface

Place the air purifier where you want it. Ideal for gastronomy, retail, sporting events or medical practices. In short: wherever many people meet.

Customizable surface

Choose the surface material and personalize the aerosol filter with your company logo.

This ventilation filter is guaranteed to fit into your facility. Convince yourself of the many other advantages here!

Ensure maximum health and safety for your customers, guests and employees. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! Inquire now.

Electrostatic air filter for office & industry

For rooms up to 125 m2

The air purifier for industry and office reliably filters the air even in large rooms.

Active protection against viruses, pollen and germs

A highly efficient filter has been proven to reduce the concentration of viruses, pollen and germs by 99.95%. Limit the risk of infection in a targeted manner!

Pure space efficiency

Use your office for work, not for ventilation. The electrostatic air filter requires a minimal footprint for maximum efficiency.

Find out more about the practical benefits. You will also find relevant technical data here. Ensure healthy air and stay in your rooms without the risk of infection.

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